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IE Compatibility in FireFox

2008 September 17 – 9:50 pm

Many of our customers (that includes most of our engineers) use Firefox as our main web browser. There are some sites that just run better in Microsofts Internet Explorer (IE) and some that just don’t run at all without it. I just spotted a plug in for IE that lets you run IE as a tab within FireFox.

Get hold of ietab here. Great stuff and it works perfectly too.

Pitty there’s no OS X version but it makes sense I suppose :).

The Google Phone

2008 September 17 – 9:45 pm

Just as everyone is getting settled into the iPhone hype there’s something creeping around the corner that appears to only getting very technical press. So I bet most people haven’t got a clue it’s on it’s way. Any the ‘it’s’ is a phone from Google (well more of a phone operating system).

What’s interesting about this is that Google have written a new operating system for their new phone. We’re all used to Windows Mobile, Symbian (what runs Nokia phones etc), OS X (what runs the iPhone) and others but Google has now written what it calls Android. They’ve taken an interesting route to getting developers to write software for it even before it is actually released. They held a competition online giving large (read $275,000.00) cash prises to the best software writers. There appears to be some really great looking software coming out, but I see no word on Exchange Active Sync yet.

More detail about Android can be found here. And there are various videos looks at the software available for it here.

Watch this space for more info shortly.

Glo Hosted Servers

2008 September 12 – 5:35 pm

Here is a little look at how we do our servers here at Glo Networks. We recently upgraded the hardware of our hosted server to speed up the system and offer greater capacity for extra virtual servers.

Break down of the system –

Hosted server running Windows Server 2003 x64 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 running 3 virtual servers

1x Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server
1x Windows Server 2003 R2 running Active directory, Exchange 2003 and file server
1x Windows Server 2003 R2 Web Server

When moving to the new server hardware we needed to take all the virtual servers over from the old server, this is a great example of how well virtual servers can be great disaster recovery with the only difference being the servers would be restored from a backup.

We backup our virtual servers to another data centre every night, in this case we are actually moving the servers from the old server to the new server, being in a data centre this was very quick as the speeds of a data centre are far greater than any normal business internet.

Once we had finished setting up routing on the new host server and installing Virtual Server 2005 R2 we then mounted the virtual servers and powered them on, our entire system was then up and running.

This process took a total of 5 hours, this shows how Virtual Server can greatly reduce down time should a disaster happen or if a hardware upgrade is required, it also reduces power usage by using one powerful physical server to run multiple virtual servers.

If you would like more information on virtual servers or hosted servers please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Google Chrome Beta

2008 September 3 – 9:55 am


Google Chrome Beta, GoogleÔÇÖs new web browser is available today for download, if you have Google as your homepage you may have already seen the link to download it.

First impressions are good, it seems to load pages very fast with some nice features.┬á It automatically imported my bookmarks from Internet Explorer, We would suggest you have a good look at the options, you donÔÇÖt get a homepage by default nor do you get a button to take you to a homepage.

Here are a few things we have found so far ÔÇô

  • Set the homepage and select the option for a homepage button in options under the basics tab.┬á
  • To add a bookmark click the star that is on the left of the address bar.┬á
  • When loading a new tab Google Chrome will show you most visited pages and browser history, although this might be helpful, if you donÔÇÖt want something to show in that list ÔÇô click the page icon to the right of the address bar and select ÔÇÿNew incognito WindowÔÇÖ this will stop the pages and cookies being logged.
  • To turn a Tab into a window simply drag the tab down below the address bar.┬á
  • To search simply type what you want to search for in the address bar.┬á
  • If you download a lot you will like the downloads page, it shows you everything you have downloaded and you can search it.
  • Google Chrome has its own task manager, this allows you to close a tab that has crashed and also shows you how much memory each tab is using, to view this right click at the top of the Google Chrome window and select task manager.┬á
  • More updates as we continue to test, please remember this program is beta and install and use it at your own risk.