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Dynamics CRM 4 and Outlook 2010

2010 April 27 – 9:27 pm

So Office 2010 has just been released and with the lovely Outlook 2010 we just have to get stuck in to using it of course. We really like the People Pane and the cleaner calander views for starters.

We’ve tried clean installs and inplace upgrade, all without a hitch. So do take the plunge when you have time.

Not really supprisingly but Outlook 2010 and Dynamics CRM 4 only work together in 32 bit mode. It completely falls appart if you install Outlook in 64 bit mode ! A 64bit version of the CRM Outlook client doesn’t appear to be on the way either :(. Mind you the 32bit version of Outlook runs exactly the same as the 64but one as you’d expect.

And interestingly we managed to find a new CRM 4 error that didn’t happen when running with Outlook 2007. When trying to ‘Track in CRM’ an email you get an error ‘The text entered exceeds the maximum length.’. Luckly there’s a simple fix –

–> Load Outlook with the fulling patched and configured CRM client.
–> Settings > Customization >┬á Customize Entities >┬á E-mail > Attributes > messageid
–> Update the Maximum Length field from 100 (default) to 200
–> Save and Close
–> Actions > Publish
–> Save and Close

That should be it.

We’ve found that a recent Microsoft Security Bulletin which affects quite a few operating systems, can, in some cases, wipe IIS SMTP Server settings. In our case this caused problems for the server faxing software, which needed the correct settings applying once again after this update.

The bulletin is┬áMS10-024, follow the link to be taken to the Microsoft site with full details. If you are affected by the problem and need a hand to resolve please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Glo Networks

IT News Bits…

2010 April 20 – 8:55 am

It appears that Google’s browser Chrome is about to drop the http:// bit in the URL bars and people don’t appear to be happy about it. We think it’s a great idea as probably 99% of internet users haven’t got a clue why its there or what alternatives there are (like ftp).

For our customers with macBooks check out this dock. First time we’ve seen a dock that actually looks sensible and is a very good price. Should keep the macbook cooler as well.

Office 2010 is complete, we can provide quotes and demos for it now, you can upgrade to it for free when it comes out (if you’ve recently bought Office 2007) and it should be avalible for companies from May 1st 2010.

The 50p Broadband tax has been scrapped. We believe this is good news as those proposing it where thinking too small. They wanted to make sure everyone could get 2Mb by 2012 or to make sure everyone could get 40Mb by 2017. While Korea will get 1Gb (that’s over 1000Mb) from 2012 and I bet it wont cost them more than ┬ú40 per month either !

Why do I need an IT Support Contract

2010 April 12 – 1:42 pm

At some point you may have wondered if you need IT support or why you would need an IT support contract. Some companies offer it like insurance you get help when there’s a problem. At Glo Networks we treat our support contract customers with a lot more care and attention.

IT support is important whatever the size of your business. Small companies often cannot justify employing an IT expert and this often causes huge problems when they experience IT problems, need updates or just require advice on the best way forward to improve the efficiency of their operation.

This is where the benefits of a IT Support contract start to make a real difference. An IT support contract provides a company with time and resource to solve problems before they start, provides essential support to update and maintain equipment, and provides valuable money saving solutions.

An IT Support contract allows a business to pays a monthly or yearly fee in exchange for a set time per month or indeed often unlimited support depending on the contract taken. With an IT contract in place the company has the confidence that it’s IT requirements are continually being met and that they do not have to panic when an unexpected problem occurs, hunting around for an IT expert to solve the problem, who may not respond for several days! .

Glo Networks has a range of IT support contracts to meet the needs of companies of different sizes.  All our contracts come with full unlimited Glo Help access.

Our business support contracts start from only £80 per month.

TeamViewer Coupon Code

2010 April 9 – 9:13 am

The code has been removed, at TeamViewer’s request. Please see Chris’ comment for further details.